As I am sure you are all aware, Covid-19 or “Corona virus” is having a catastrophic impact on everyday life across the globe, and here in the UK we are not exempt from its impact.

As an island nation we may have better powers to keep it at bay and stop the spread of the virus that we are seeing in other countries, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling the shockwaves and the interference it is/will cause us.

We now know that the Dream Vallee Rally has been cancelled, I think we also need to embrace the fact that BB will also be cancelled shortly. Many countries are now putting in place “lockdowns” and are also now cancelling flights in and out of their respective country.

Here at home in the UK rallies are being cancelled based upon government advice.

The European Rally in St Tropez has been cancelled and we can expect further advice from HOG UK in the coming weeks

So, what does this mean for our Social get togethers, ride outs and other events?

…we will cancel all rides, dealer events and socials until the end of May. We will review this in mid-May and extend for a further month if necessary, based on best Government advice.

Can I urge everyone to follow the direction from Government; it is in our best interests to do so

Paul Renshaw