The riding season is just starting as the lockdown in the UK has come into force – this update outlines those events that have been cancelled


Dealer Day and the Plymouth Chapter Social Evening are both cancelled until the end of May. This will be reviewed in mid May and extended if necessary


As with Dealer Day, all official ride outs are cancelled until the end of May and will be reviewed in line with the Social Events

It is imperative that we place the safety of our members and that of the public they may come into contact with above everything else. With that is mind, it is likely that, when we do start rides again, that they may need to start and end in different locations to normal and additional safeguarding measures may be needed at the destination.

We will ensure that all road captains are fully briefed prior to re-starting our season and any additional risk assessment is built into ride planning and participant briefing.


The following Rallies are known to be now cancelled:

April 10th
Cider Rally – 1st May
8th May
BB16 – 20th May
19th June