Dave Ratcliffe
Editor & Webmaster

It has been great to see so many bikes out on rides this season; and to get stories, anecdotes and pictures from so many of you – it really does make my job easier, so thank you so much and keep them coming!

The web site is updated each week and it is always worth looking at the “rides and events” section for the very latest position on rides, rallies, LoH events and so much more. You don’t have to login to look at these areas -just go to https://plymouthhog.co.uk/rides-and-events/. You can see everything for the next four weeks at a glance as well as looking at the calendar and the ride/rally schedule.

The web site gets visitors from across the world, including Indonesia and Japan as well as areas like the USA and France where we have affiliated chapters – most of these non-UK visitors to the site are looking at the images of our bikes and it is interesting to note that activity increased dramatically when we posted a lot of images during lockdown. This is a great way to promote the chapter internationally and we will be posting a lotmore over the summer.

Thanks again for all the Support