Hello Plymouth Chapter.

So, here we are again with another E-Magazine High Decibel. Easier than trying to download a copy of H-D’s The Enthusiast magazine though that’s for sure lol.

I can’t believe we are now into the sixth month of 2022 already. So much achieved in what feels like such a short time since our ride out season started back towards the end of March. A Sunday ride out everyweek with not one cancelled yet to date. We recently attended the Bideford Bike Show, first time for many years we have attended as a Chapter, a shame it wasn’t quite what it used to be. Other memorable moments that spring to mind were a joint ride with Bridgwater Chapter to the Jolly Roger at Bovey Tracey, and we recently helped run the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for Triumph Plymouth. Not that either of these two belittle our usual ride outs in any way, and now is the time to thank our amazing Road Crew for what they do each week and the wonderful calendar of events we have had and will continue to experience for the rest of this year.

And while I’m at it, lets all give a big hand to the rest of the Committee, some new to the job this year, but all work hard and do a great job behind the scenes for us all. Thanks Committee guys.

We’ve crammed in a few Social evenings at the Hunting Lodge, one of them included a buffet, and on another occasion we had a special Birthday for Dave Roberts who recently received his new leg, in case

you hadn’t heard about it already?

2022 see’s Plymouth Chapter have another Getaway weekend, this time storming the county of Somerset,and just barely touching Dorset too. Later, we have the Jolly Roger Bike Show to attend, and this will see us have another joint ride with Bridgwater so that we arrive together. PH-D and Triumph will have their displays on site, and space is being set aside for us to park next to them.

Also, later this year, Saturday 23rd July to be exact, Derek is having an early Birthday HOG roast/BBQ atthe family farm near Yelmpton. All invited, and I will be leading a ride out from PH-D to the farm via somewhere. If you want to leave anything there, camping equipment, food, beer etc earlier in the week that can easily be arranged.

But before all that, on Tuesday 12th July we will be attending by way of a ride past, the opening night ofthe Bat Out Of Hell Musical at The Theatre Royal Plymouth. You may have previously seen videos on theH-DUK&I Facebook page from other UK Chapters that have already supported their local Theatres?

Please read on through this High Decibel email magazine, there is much to read here about Chapter life with notes and stories from several contributors. Don’t be shy, if you have something to say, a joke to tell,or maybe a story about any bike related experience over the years, or just about joining the Chapter, thenplease send to our Editor Dave. We need your contribution to make this magazine happen. Thank you.

And that’s it from me, until we next meet again, take care, look after you and yours, keep those bikes and trikes clean and shiny.

Regards, Paul.