Hello to All the members of Plymouth Chapter UK, and to our members and friends in the Minutemen Chapter USA.

When I sat down to write something for this update I was in a bit of a dilemma. What should I write about? Chapter affairs or just something different? something out of the ordinary you guys might actually read and be interested in lol?


…here goes.

So here we are in the Second Quarter of 2021, with our first online digital High Decibel Chapter magazine of the year. Why digital you ask, where’s the nice colour magazine we used to receive I hear you say? Well my friends, dare I blame it on Covid? It’s just the way of the world now. Who would have thought during this past year that so many of us would be attending so many, if not all of our meetings using either Microsoft Teams or Zoom for communication?

Plymouth Chapter as with most organisations and HOG itself are moving forward with technology, and if we embrace it we will all benefit from it in the long run. And with that statement I’m sure I will please as many members as I offend.

What do I mean by all that?

Let’s start with the letter you should all have received by now from HOG/H-D. And by the way, by no means think this is aimed directly at just us here in the UK, this is a Global thing.

 It has now been said that we will no longer receive copies of the HOG Enthusiast magazine.

What does that mean for the UK & Ireland? (And the rest of the world).

We will receive 4 Digital copies of the Enthusiast.

We will receive 1 Printed Edition around August time, which will be almost double the amount of pages and content you currently receive in the Enthusiast. Consider it to be like a bumper annual collectors edition.

The Enthusiast App. I have this on my phone. Works well. You download the magazine on to your phone so you can read it offline whenever you wish. You can also see other country editions and therefore different regional content.

The digital format will allow the App producers more flexibility and different formats to include content. The content will be much more locally focused and allow us, Chapters, to have our say and show our content for our region, not some Brazilian skateboarder or French chef.

Does this all sound familiar? This is basically where Plymouth Chapter stand with the High Decibel magazine, only we don’t have an App, just our private Facebook page for members only and the open page for visitors. 

At the beginning of each year we will produce a hard copy with an A3 Ride Calendar for you to pull out and keep somewhere handy as we have always done. After that you will receive digital editions just like the one you are now reading. There are A3 printed Ride Out calendars floating around Plymouth Harley Davidson Dealership now for you to help yourself too, the calendar can also be found on our Website.

 What do we get for our money from our HOG membership now the magazine is gone? The answer to that question is quite clear. Materialistically, absolutely sweet F A. However, you can travel half way around the world, meet up with other HOG members and enjoy the Brotherhood, and Sisterhood, and discover the real reason we ride Harley’s.

HOG isn’t and never will be an overly generous organisation. It’s a lifestyle choice that brings us all together from different walks of life for the benefit of one thing, Harley Davidson camaraderie . Let’s embrace what we have and explore the possibility that we don’t need a printed magazine. Let’s have our glasses half full and promote with positivity the benefits of an online HOG and local Chapter magazine. I like to think that we all love our fellow Chapter members and all things HOG. There is no point worrying about the things we can’t change, let’s worry about the things we can. Let’s also not forget the brothers and sisters that are no longer with us. I’m sure that they’d love the opportunity to read, ride, love and laugh. 

So I guess I’ve ended up talking about Chapter affairs again then. Maybe a bit deep and intense for what should be a lighthearted look at what is currently happening within our Chapter, but it need to be said.

Kath has written an article about the A-Z Challenge elsewhere in this edition. She mentions that you will need a copy of the Enthusiast magazine in your photo evidence, but oh, we no longer receive the mag. Fear not as you can scan and copy the front page, laminate it and use just that (Official). But I’ve responsively placed my copies in the recycling refuse bin, what now? Again fear not, there are copies of the front cover of Enthusiast also available in PH-D. Please ask if you need a scanned copy sent to you.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the road sooner rather than later, and that once again in the not to distant future we can meet as a whole Chapter for some much needed social time.

Thank you. 

Regards, Paul.