Many years back, when I worked full-time, in Plymouth City Centre, I rode my trusty DR400 parking it atthe bottom of the multistorey where the Mall now stands… How long ago???!!!

Leaving work at 5p.m, on a dark, rainy night in January, I negotiated the busy traffic towards Plymstock obviously keeping my wits about me. When I passed the Broadway shopping area, I was following a scooter and could see the front of a white Ford Fiesta appear at the next leftside junction.

The scooter passed without incident…. But, as I came within 10 foot, the car pulled out, beginning a turn to its right, back down the main road I had just travelled.

I dont remember much of anything else, except the heat of a hot water bottle, when residents tried to stop the cold wet tarmac adding to my pain. I am glad the bus coming down that main carriageway was a little behind schedule too    As I ended up on that side of the road..

Ambulances are not swift from PL6 to PL9 at rush ho forever went by & I recall telling those people trying t calm me, that I just wanted to get up & go home…..

In A & E, all seemed ok, just a busted left wrist & thumb, until my motorbike leggings were removed &the gash through to my knee bone shown. It didnt hurt.        Well not ’til stitched. Enough said.

I had one plaster cast from my left hip to my toes.. an another on my left arm. Being told I may not walk aga was daunting, the impact directly to my kneecap beingparticularly bad. I kept my full face crash helme

just to see how much of the chin area had been worn away by the impact with the tarmac. Apparently, the car driver didnt see me, only the scooter.

Saccadic Masking is the formal term, I gather. Look it up.

Sadly that car driver didnt look PROPERLY, in my opinion….. But then, no doubt I am a tad biased.

So……. Always make allowance, for EVERYTHING …………..