HOG Chapter’s A to Z Challenge

Time is fast approaching when we can enjoy riding again. This may be in groups or even solo. It may be Chapter organised or just you and some friends. The next thing is some ideas of where to go on your ride? 

Well I may be able to help you with this. It is the A to Z Challenge.

The idea is to plan a route, it may include one or more stops. At each of your destinations take a photo of you, your bike and a copy of the Enthusiast magazine. This is the evidence of the visit.

Then send the photo taken at each location to your Chapter Co-ordinator, (thats me).

A = Abbey                                           B = Bridge                                         C = Castles

D = Dam                                             E = Esplanade                                    F= Forest

G = Gold Post Box                             H = Hero                                             I = Iconic Structure

J = Jet Propelled                                K = Kingdom of Great Britain             L = Lake

M = Medieval                                      N = Natural Wonder/Attraction          O = Obelisk 

P = Port                                               Q = Quarry                                          R = RNLI Station

T = Green Telephone Box                  U = Uniformed Service                       V = Viaduct

W = Waterfall                                      X = Xylograph                                     Y = Youth Hostel

Z = Zoo.

Each destination is then scored using a Scrabble word score. An example of this would be Buckfast Abbey = 31 points.

Each person works through the list taking the photos and sending them in to gain points. At the end of the event each Chapter will have an overall winner. The winner’s score of each Chapter will be sent to the HOG Co-ordinator. 

The event runs from 1st January to the 30th September. However due to COVID restrictions we have been unable to start this until now. So enjoy your adventures, find some new areas, and get your photos in. This may also be an idea for Road Captains to bear in mind when doing a Recci perhaps. Look forward to riding with you all soon and seeing your photos.