Ladies of Harley

Birthday Bash

2022 started off on a high with restrictions lifted so we could celebrate our chapter birthday bash as a chapter with arts & crafts, archery & shooting dancing and LOH Pool & Pamper

John’s Jewellery at Ivor Doble

We had a good turnout for John’s Jewellery event with Lorrie, Anna, Anne, Diane, Liz, Keri, Juliette, Kath, Josie, Alex, Sherrell, Jane & George, Adie and me.

We were shown upstairs to a seating area where John presented his special pieces of jewellery and gave us atalk about each item. A furtherly enjoyable afternoon doing something totally different.

Thank you very much John for sharing your items and knowledge with us, thank you Liz for bringing the Plymouth people up and for Sherrell for the sweeties!

Gin tasting at the Barbican Botanics Gin Room

Joy made sure that Kay, Liz and Steve, Lorrie and myself had the pleasure of gin tasting in the relaxing settings of the Barbican Botanics Gin Room. Thank you Joy for looking after us so well.

Afterwards we were joined by Adie and Wullie who had preferred to stay at the Plymouth Chapter breakfast club for the Saturday morning!

Cider Rally

Ladies of Harley held their own gathering at the Cider Rally. Helen, Alex, Marion, Joy, Lorrie, Penny – lovely to see you again and myself enjoyed LOH cocktail and Karaoke party where we all got up to sing as backing singers for Joy, the only one of us who could actually sing! Thank you for all joining in as it was not easy at 5pm with only having had one drink!

Watch out for more events after the summer (when we will be too busy riding to do anything else!). Events will be published in the weekly update so make sure to read yours, do let me know if you have any ideas. Have a lovely summer and stay safe.