Steve Barton


In my capacity as Chapter Historian, I decided to spread my wings, and put down in writing the Harley-Davidson Dealership history. I asked around in the dealership, and set a number of questions whichwould help me put together this article. Many thanks to Chris Iris and Anthony Hart for their help in compiling this brief insight.

For those, like me, who didn’t know when the Plymouth Harley-Davidson started, here is a brief history.

The dealership actually started in 2009. It

was originally a Lexus showroom. If you know the location, you’ll still see that the Lexus showroom is nottoo far away.

I also asked a question, the answer to which I already knew. Why Harley-Davidson?

Harley-Davidson was simply the best premium brand, and there was no other Main Dealer in the South West.

Who was there at the ‘beginning’? Richard Marsh and Chris Iris were there from the start.

All of the current staff were more than happy to share the details of their own Harley­ Davidson motorcycles:

Anthony Hart: M8 Delux

Kev Tomlinson: M8 Sport Glide ‘Taff’ Rees: M8 Fatboy

Chrissy and partner: Sportster 48 David Day: Twin Cam Road King

The first motorcycle sold by the dealership was an 883 Iron Sportster, closely followed by a CVO Springer. These sales were made even before the dealership opened.

Following on from the continued success of Plymouth Harley-Davidson, Southampton Harley-Davidsonwas opened approximately 18 months – two years later.

As most know, in 2010, the Plymouth UK HOG was formed, and if you see any patches saying ‘Charter Members’, you’ll know these guys were there at the beginning.