New for 2021, we are replacing the old ‘themed’ and ‘caption’ quarterly competitions and running a photo competition to show photographs taken on our chapter ride outs, taken by you the members. Each week, we will publish some or all of the shots and choose which photographs to put forward to the grand final! The selected photographs will be recognised to represent Plymouth Chapter regular ride out activity. 

How does it work?
Submit a photo after participating in a chapter ride. The selected photo(s) will be published in the weekly update and/or the chapter website. The cream of the crop will be put forward to the grand finale. Our intention is to select six photographs, which are considered the best representations of the competition rules and after the riding season has finished, present them to the membership to select an overall winner.

What does the winner get?

Yes, a £50 voucher to spend at our sponsoring dealer, Plymouth Harley Davidson. In addition, the winning photograph will be published in the weekly update, the chapter website and will be placed on display in the chapter room at the dealership. Thank you to Chris and team at Plymouth Harley Davidson.

What are the benefits of taking part?
The photographs will promote activity within our chapter to both the membership and the public (website) as an active riding chapter. They will also capture some of the stunning scenery we are blessed to live around and regularly ride in. This could interest potential new members to join in with the fun and be welcomed to our ‘Harley family’. The showcase of our frequent riding activity and the destinations that we visit, will also help to promote Plymouth Harley Davidson as the sponsoring dealership to the Plymouth Chapter.
And you, the membership, will receive recognition and potentially a substantial reward for your participation!

What are the rules?

  • Photos must be taken on an official chapter ride.
  • Photos must include something on the ride… start point / during the route / at the destination / or where the ride ends.
  • Photos must include something Harley Davidson and/or Plymouth Chapter related.
  • Photos must be sent to the photographer, either by <email> or messenger. Photos will not be accepted or acknowledged via Facebook.

I hope that you will enjoy submitting your ride out photographs and we look forward to receiving your regular entries and seeing the winner!

Ride safe
Jon 👍

Photo Competition topic for the winter edition is “Autumn Colours”

Remember – a pic that includes a reference to the topic and a reference to the dealership/chapter

Please send your entries for both the caption and the photo competition to Jon at: