Head Road Captain & Activities Officer

The twin headed monster !!

Hi all,

I write to you as Head Road Captain and, until we find a replacement, Activities Officer.

So the good news is the riding season has now started and we’ve had a fantastic response from our road crew, Sunday 4th of April and Sunday 11th of April seeing five ride outs on both occasions, going to various places and all well supported. Looking forward to when we are able to ride in larger groups – we anticipate carrying on with similar amounts of rides every week until we are allowed loose.

Please remember a lot of time and effort goes into organising these rides and your support is appreciated.

Activities over the last few months have been very limited as you can appreciate we have had no way of getting together in large numbers but looking forward things should start to ease and we will try our best to get us all together in the near future… Looking even further ahead our 12th birthday event has been organised for a weekend in Okehampton at The Ashbury hotel where we held our 10th birthday party weekend.

Look out for an up-and-coming BBQ details will follow soon also ride out to Dawlish bike show and Bicton steam rally.

Personally, I’m looking forward to our first social evening which hopefully will be very soon.

Take care of yourselves out there and I will see you on the road somewhere.


Ride Hard Or Stay Home 

Ride Safe Or Stay Home 

Ride Often Or Sell me your bike!