Hi Everyone
Hope you are all looking forward to being out on your bikes this summer, hopefully it will be an improvement on last year.

However, we did manage to run the mileage awards and the Hog 365 programme. We, as a chapter, managed 139,426 miles with 48 members participating (68 bikes); a pretty good figure as some chapters did not do any.  

The winners for 2020 are as follows:

Highest mileage (non participating):
Tony Baker 10,369 miles

Highest mileage:
Paul Renshaw 6,937 miles

Ladies of Harley highest mileage:
Julie Wilkinson 4,973 miles

Rear of the year:
Anne Winstanley 


The patches will be presented as soon as we can meet up.

We have decided that, now that we have a chapter room at the dealership, we will have a plaque put up showing the winners each year. Derek Wood has kindly made this for us, so I will look forward to seeing that up on the wall in due course.

Ride safe