12 – 13 June 2021

Hi all.

Paul and myself conducted a recci for the Getaway weekend on Friday. 216 miles round trip, from and back to Plymouth Harley Davidson (PHD). Saturday’s route will take us to the North coast and then cuts southward to Marazion and Longrock near Penzance, avoiding the party at Carbis Bay!

The first leg will be approximately 1 hour, 44 miles, with a BRIEF convenience stop at Cornwall services. The second leg is a further 1 ½ hours and 47 miles, bringing us to Marazion where we will stop for lunch. There is a choice of a beach side café and the Station House. There is plenty of parking and toilets available. After lunch, we will all head for a fuel stop before the last leg to Coverack and St Keverne, which is a further 23 miles. So with fuel management in mind, you will need a full tank and empty bladder when we leave PHD 09:00 sharp on Saturday 12th June. Mileage to fuel stop on the Saturday is approximately 92 miles. Mileage from the fuel stop on Saturday back to PHD on the Sunday is approximately 125 miles. 

The concept of the weekend is to allow us to have a nice group ride out to a destination where we can have an evening meal and a social catch up, stay the night and on the Sunday, return by a route back to PHD after stopping for lunch. Like our own little in-house chapter rally without the associated costs with a major event. We are looking to alternate each year with destinations at different counties. With that in mind, plans are already underway for Getaway weekends in 2022 and 2023 to different counties.

There are 36 chapter members booked up so far, so depending on responses, you now know the prices. The weekend will soon be with us and the patches will take time to make and be dispatched. If you would like a patch, please email me (or by messenger) with your name(s) and quantities, by 2nd May… yes that’s just one week from now! Once I have the numbers, I will contact you to arrange payment for your order.

Some of the group are staying in St Keverne, which is 2 ½ miles from Coverack.

Coverack and St Keverne are on the Lizard which for those of you that don’t know, it is not a densely populated region. I have made arrangements with a local taxi to run a cab from St Keverne to Coverack for the evening meal. The meal is booked at the Paris Hotel, for approximately 7pm. I have provisionally booked times for the taxi 5:30-6:30 pm for the drop off to Coverack and again 10:30-11:00 pm for the return run from Coverack to St Keverne. The price is £5 per person for the round trip. We can firm up the time slots closer to the time for the St Keverne crew! I believe there are 12 people staying in St Keverne which will be three consecutive cab runs each way.

The Paris Hotel is just right for the group. The dining area is set out with social distancing and the whole restaurant has been booked out for Plymouth Chapter. There is also a lovely outside area, partly undercover to shelter from the elements, if needed. Glorious views of the bay. To make the service flow better for everybody on the night, I will let everyone know the menu in the near future, so that choices could be pre-ordered.

For those of you that might be interested I did see a fair selection of beverages on the shelves behind the bar and in deed on tap. Well to be honest, it wasn’t me that spotted the selection. Please remember, we are riding on the Sunday…kick stands up at 10:00!

The return trip on Sunday includes a nice route back through Truro, stopping off at a lunch spot with plenty of parking and food!

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ride safe,