In 2011, by chance, I saw an article in a Daily Paper for a motorbike trip in the Himalayas. I loved the idea… But thought “I’ll never do it”, so put the cutting to one side & tried to forget it.

That cutting re-appeared time & again, coming to the top of my “to- do pile “, with the entry date getting closer &closer, til I then found myself hovering by a Postbox, dangling my letter, enclosing a cheque for a fair sum, too afraid to let it drop in. I shut my eyes & let it go. The deed was done.

When the day came, I arrived in the vastness of Terminal Something at Heathrow, not believing my eyes at the sight of a group wearing tshirts with the “Enduro Himalaya” logo. We were all equally amazed, offered a little info about ourself, our riding ability, how many of these “endurance” trips we’d done before…. Ha, ha!.            Oh dear!!!

guess-work” neutral lever, whilst rear brake on the left. Oh dear. And Sacred Cattle in the middle of the “tarmac” road surface…. That’s just the one bit of tarmac, occasionally …very very occasionally … between the potholes & boulders….

We camped, we guest­ housed, we cried with pain, muscles aching at too many hours of harsh terrain, we cursedthe bikes, we crossed rivers, we struggled with breathing at high altitude, we worked as a team…yet complete strangers… And supported each other through this endurance test. A holiday????!!! .

It was the most amazing trip, at times the worst but certainly unforgettable….

Alex Pirie, the most down to earth Boss you could ever meet, still runs the Company… & lives in India. He offersloads of trips under “Nomadic Knights”… Take a look….