Let’s wind our minds back to August  2021,with the UK  between lock downs, leaving  club ride outs, socials and events in general in some strange state of suspense.

But I’m not here writing to get you bored or remind you of the doldrums we all found ourselves in!

No! Far from it ! 

Let me take some time to set the scene, the weather has been nice for a few days , the coming saturday we were child free and had no other pressing engagements for a change .

 A rather strange feeling of realization came over us that we had a day free of any  pressing adult responsibility, coupled with good weather,  so what to do? We were frankly stunned and in awe of such freedom and careless opportunity!

So we sat Friday evening, enjoying a drink and feeling kinda out of our depth in such a situation;  ‘you could take me  for a day out?!’ Anna mused, 

Yeeeaah ,, I responded hesitantly, with images of spending lots of money on stuff we already have, and getting bored walking  shopping centers flying around inside my head.

Then it hit me! Eureka!, I thought, I can suggest anywhere and being Polish she’s probably never been there ..I Could suggest anywhere..

Meanwhile, in the silence Anna’s next suggestion was ‘you could take me somewhere on the Harley?!’

Being quick not to miss a trick ( I am a Wood afterall, but that’s another story in itself right there!) I showed my hand.

‘Have you ever been to Lands End ?’ I asked her .

‘Whats that?’  She replied in her Polish tones, ‘Is it a place? Where’s That??’  So with a smile and a winning look I said ‘yes, it’s the far tip of Cornwall, shall we go there? 

‘Yes!’ was the response,  so our plan was set for the following day. I knew the route to land’s end  in my head from numerous  previous excursions in the area,  and having never actually visited the Lizard point,  we hatched a plan of early start, home cooked breakfast and set off relatively early with a flask of coffee  and  a picnic in the saddlebag.

My plan was to head over The Tamar bridge, ride down to Dobwalls roundabout and take the lower coastal roads there, with a flying stop to the lizard point en route to lands end, just  so I can say we’ve also visited England’s most southerly tip too!  But this will have to be another ride out in itself!

 We set off in good time, but as always reality and traffic struck and instead our plans received a forced change due to an accident which impeded our progress somewhat, so I cut out the lizard leg of the trip, as time wasn’t on our side from these delays.

Our route there ended up as leaving Plymouth on the A38, over Tamar bridge and continued on the A38 to the Dobwalls roundabout, where we took the A390 Through Lostwithiel towards St.Austell, and heading onto Truro.

From Truro we took the A39 for Falmouth, picking up the A394 Past Helston for Penzance where we rejoined the A30  for Lands End itself.

I always enjoy this route as its passing the ever changing quaint little villages and towns, and I reminisce on what’s changed since I last went by, like the derelict church building now a bohemian Home conversion, the holiday park motel that’s still in a state or dereliction, and of course the remains of old mine workings, Landmarks ,  the        ‘ St.austell Alps’ , the  heliport,  St.michaels mount and more, alot more..and of course, the views. 

Ah, the views , how could I not mention them, secretly the highlight of every ride, like the cherry on a cake !

  Being what I call  the  lower coastal roads, and having the boon of a clear sunny day, the views were amazing!  All along the route we were afforded stunning sea vistas on the left flanked by countryside to the right, The good road surfaces allowed for a nice warm progressive ride once we were clear of the R.T.A and its hindrances.

We stopped in a large ley by  along the road into Truro, Just to stretch our legs and take a restroom  break, as we had been in the saddle a while by now and not always moving. I Also did note the increase of roadside food /  burger vans that had popped up, obviously catering to the annual influx of grockles I assumed.

We arrived safely at Lands end car park and the attraction point in glorious sunshine , and with a fair few day trippers also. Thankfully whilst others were jostling for a space to dump their car, a helpful gent  Shouted ‘BIKES PARK OVER THERE MATE! NICE BIKE!!’ Whilst his arm was outstretched pointing to the side of the large white attraction building.

Surely enough, we were not alone, it looked like another half dozen or so fellow bikers had chosen this day and destination to enjoy their machines. 

Dismounting , we locked the helmets to our bikes, and stuffed as much unnecessary gear as we could into the saddle bags, and went exploring.

We found the toilets, and when in Rome.. Be like a Roman..

A short que later and we both  had a very enjoyable and well deserved coffee  with a traditional Lands End pasty , of course, from none other than the Lands End Pasty Co. ..And I am glad I wasn’t disappointed as I remember balking at the price of the snack and thinking to myself ‘Cor you must be proud of your pasties mate!’  but it’s a day out, so What!

And it was Busy. Really busy, should be expected for high season I thought, so we looked around the attractions and tacky  shops , heading for obligatory selfie by the lands end sign I  had told Anna so much about.., only now to find its no longer free, photos are by appointment slots only at a cost of £15. Blow that we agreed, and took a leisurely walk around , and eventually back to the bike.

Remembering Porthcurno and the minack theater  were relatively close by, I suggested to Anna seeing these might be good compensation for the land’s end photo , as we are in the area.

Anna was enjoying all of it, Loving the weather, the ride and the views, and of course it was all new to her as well as she had never visited the area before.

Getting stuck behind a grockle who’s clearly not accustomed to such a  narrow ,twisty  road that are hard to navigate in a nissan note , we got to porthcurno beach car park, eventually after much frustration From  stopping for oncoming cars, and almost slowing to a stop at bends, then staying in the middle of the road so I couldn’t overtake  ..even Anna made mention of this car and its driver!!

By now I was in the groove and it felt like a holiday, we could have been anywhere in the world I said to Anna.

The Car park was heaving.. Cars were still entering and leaving again for lack of space. .. Then I noticed a surfer  type camper van  that had obviously got there early and parked strategically to allow a bit of space for his awning and side opening door. 

Close to the path, no one was home so I parked the bike in his yard space , which also happens to be the best hard spot for the side stand and bike.

Again, we dismounted, locked helmets and shed our bike gear. We walked to the beach which was like paradise, beautiful soft sand and clear, going to turquoise blue sea. 

Anna sat on the beach and rested, Whilst I walked to check out the minack theater. 

After a walk I found the car park empty all bar a couple posh range rovers. Strange, I thought. 

And again a high fence now surrounds the site with  paid pre booking entry only. 

Walking towards the entrance I overheard site staff talking to fellow disappointed day Trippers , turning them away. 

The theater had been privately booked for an undisclosed sum… Apparently yes you can do that …if you have enough dollars!! The helpful staff assumed it was a wedding proposal but wasn’t sure.

It was hot too.. By now we drank the last of our flask and had eaten our picnic snacks, and it was getting late in the day. 

We had walked back to the bike and agreed to just head home the quickest route as we had enjoyed our day, made our destination.

When we got to the bike the van we had parked by was  now open with its owners strapping surfboards to the roof and preparing to leave themselves. Apologizing for my parking so close to their van, they were not fussed, rather chilled and happy, and liked my bike too. We bid each other  a good trip and left.

Saddling up we left Porthcurno and continued Along  the B3315  that had taken us there from Lands End, where at Penzance I picked up the A30 and cruised all the way past redruth and the likes off, towards Bodmin where I left the A30 to rejoin the A38 through the Glynn valley to dobwalls roundabout again , then onto Tamar bridge, where another incident fell upon us, before our day was done!   In the que the barrier was going up and down , letting vehicles pass as the tolls were collected. 

Our Turn. I rolled up to the falling Barrier, The booth attendant waved us through and the barrier was rising. He had obviously pressed for it to raise, so I proceeded to leave the toll booth. At the corner of my eye I saw the barrier closing again, rather rapidly, but this time we were moving  already accelerating away , so natural instinct took over and I accelerated a bit more and in the confusion motoring away from the bridge I looked in my mirror to see the barrier bouncing and looked to be broken. …

Arriving home, Anna said the falling barrier had hit her helmet rather hard and although fine and without injury, did have a headache and a replacement helmet was purchased! 

In the confusion and speed of it all I was expecting to hear something through the NPR systems there, but nothing came of it.

I did pass a week later in the work truck. Deliberately taking the same toll lane, and noted a rather fresh looking barrier and operating mechanism! 

Still. We had a good day out, over 200 miles round trip (I don’t recall the exact total!)  and got home safe ready to ride again.