Ladies of Harley

Welcome to the Plymouth Chapter Ladies of Harley pages.

Ladies of Harley (L.O.H.) is a group of female Harley-Davidson enthusiasts promoting activities, organising and participating in charitable and social events and adventures from within a local Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) Chapter. Members of L.O.H. run their own meetings and sponsor activities that both ladies and men can participate in. 

All ladies are welcome to join us – riders and pillions. All we ask is that to be a Plymouth Lady of Harley, you are a member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG), either as full member or an associate member and a member of Plymouth Chapter UK. Please contact Bridget, our Lady Of Harley Officer, for more information.

Bridget - our Ladies of Harley representative
Shopping lunch
Group Photo at Clarke's Village
Shopping lunch 2
Shopping Lunch